Introducing the best facial products for men!
Men with a high level of beauty consciousness have been featured in the media and other media, and facial care products with a variety of effects are the focus of attention.

In this article, we will introduce the reasons why facial skincare device is so popular among men. In this article, we will introduce the reasons why facial equipment is so popular among men, as well as how to choose and recommend facial equipment, so if you are interested in facial equipment, this is a must-see.
What are the skin concerns of men?

What kind of skin problems do men have today?

Here are three of the main concerns.


The most common skin problem among men in their teens and twenties is acne. Young men are more likely to suffer from acne due to excessive sebum secretion, which leads to clogged pores and the growth of acne bacteria (acne bacillus).

On the other hand, considering the data that more than 60% of males in their teens and 40% of males in their 20s suffer from acne, it is probably true that acne becomes less of a problem as we age. It should also be noted that acne is not a problem limited to teens and 20-somethings, as it is not uncommon for people in their 30s and older to develop acne.

Dry skin

Thirty percent of all men suffer from dry skin. It is my impression that it is mostly women who suffer from dry skin, but in fact there are many men with hidden dry skin that we need to be aware of.

Men's skin is more prone to dryness than women's because shaving damages the skin's ability to retain moisture, and because men do not have the habit of using sunscreen, their skin's barrier function is easily weakened by UV damage. In addition, about 30% of men of all ages cite dry skin as a problem, indicating that it is a common issue for all ages.

Open pores

Many men of the younger generation cite open pores as a problem with their skin. Young men are especially prone to excessive sebum, which inevitably leads to open pores. They are also in their adolescent years when they are concerned about their appearance, leading to problems such as a strawberry nose.

That said, as we age, men are less likely to suffer from open pores. About 30% of men in their teens suffer from open pores, but this number tends to decrease to about 10% when they reach their 50s.

Why facial skincare device is popular among men

What are the reasons why facial equipment is so popular among men? Let's take a closer look.

Full-fledged care can be done at home

Facial equipment allows you to easily take care of your skin at home, which is great for those who don't want to go out of their way to go to a beauty salon or don't want to be seen by others. The demand for this product is increasing because it allows you to do full-fledged care at home without going to an esthetician.

Another reason is that you can do it at your own timing, such as before washing your face or before going to bed.

Men's beauty consciousness is increasing

Today's men are more aesthetically conscious than ever before, and more and more of them want to buy a facial device to take care of their skin at home. In addition, even though they are for home use, some of today's facial machines are powerful enough to remove hair, making it easier for men's thick hair to show its effects.

In the past, there was an impression that facial equipment was for women. However, as men's beauty consciousness has increased, they are becoming popular products for both men and women.

Small face effect

As men's beauty consciousness increases, more and more men are looking for facial products with the expectation of a small face effect. In recent years, there has been a trend for men as well as women to seek a smaller face, and more and more men want to have a smaller face, which has led to the popularity of facial equipment.

For example, facial tool with the recently popular EMS function such as L&L Skin MIO2 face lift massager can train muscles in the face that are normally difficult to move by stimulating them with electric current. As a result, excess fat can be burned off and muscles can be tightened, bringing you closer to a smaller face.

As you can see, facial appliances that have a small face effect are effective for both men and women, and are gaining popularity among men who are highly conscious of their beauty.

Keeps your skin beautiful

As we age, we tend to develop blemishes and our skin tends to sag. Therefore, it is important to continue to take care of aging skin on a daily basis.

Using a facial device, you can expect various effects such as lifting of face lines, elimination of blemishes and acne scars. This beauty item is gaining popularity as an easy way to take care of your skin.

Many women are concerned about men's skin.

Women check men's skin more than others, and there are many people who say that they are sometimes concerned about men's skin. If their skin environment is not good, they feel that their lifestyle is not good or that they are not taking good care of their skin. It is important to take good care of your skin on a regular basis to avoid giving off an unclean image.

More and more men in their 20s and 30s are wearing makeup.

In the past, makeup was generally thought of as something for women, but in recent years, more and more men in their 20s and 30s are wearing makeup, and the number of people who want to keep their skin beautiful for this purpose is on the rise.

Recently, men's makeup products have become so popular that they are even sold in drugstores, which shows how the men's makeup market is growing. The beauty of bare skin is linked to the application of makeup, so it makes sense that men who want to keep their skin beautiful would seek out facial products.

Can facial tools help prevent acne?

In addition to beautifying the skin, facial equipment can also be used to prevent acne from forming in the future. Let's take a closer look at what exactly the acne-preventing effects of facial cleansers are.

Proper moisturizing care.

In order to prevent acne, it is important to keep your skin in an acne-resistant environment through proper daily moisturizing care. By using a facial toner, the moisturizing ingredients of the toner can penetrate the skin more effectively, thus enabling proper moisturizing care.

In particular, recently, there have been some so-called moisturizing support devices, and facial appliances that specialize in penetrating the moisturizing ingredients of toners and packs have become popular. The effect is such that the lotion tends to run down faster than usual due to excessive penetration, so if your skin tends to dry out during your daily care, it is a good idea to introduce a facial device with a high moisturizing function.

Normalize turnover

In order to prevent acne, it is necessary to normalize skin turnover, that is, to keep the skin's metabolism normal and make it less prone to acne. Facial equipment also has the effect of normalizing the disordered turnover, which helps prevent acne.

For example, micro-current, which is often used in facial equipment, enhances the natural healing power of the human body by passing a weak electric current through it. As a result, the disordered turnover of the skin is normalized and the skin becomes less prone to acne.

Disordered skin turnover can also lead to open pores and blemishes.

Therefore, not only those who want to prevent acne, but also those who have skin problems should actively consider using a facial device.

Can remove dirt from pores

Acne is often caused by sebum and other dirt clogging the pores, so it is necessary to keep the pores clean on a regular basis. Facial cleansers are effective not only in moisturizing and normalizing turnover, but also in removing dirt from the pores, which of course helps prevent acne.

Also, if you are particularly concerned about dirty pores, you may want to choose a facial device that specializes in removing dirt. Some facial appliances that specialize in removing dirt from pores are equipped with "ultrasonic," "water peeling," and "ion introduction/conduction" functions, and it is important to choose the type that best suits the cause of the dirt.

How to choose the best facial skincare tools for men

There are many different types of facial cleansers on the market, but how do you choose the best facial cleanser for men? Here are some tips on how to choose a facial device for men.

Price range

Facial equipment can be more cost effective than going to an esthetician, but many products are pricey to some extent. The price range varies greatly depending on the features and brands listed. In addition, it is important to note that the cost is related to the use of special items such as gels and tablets.

There are various types of facial equipment that cost less than 10,000 yen, and facial equipment that can be used with your favorite serum. It is important to carefully compare the conditions and price to choose the right facial device.

Popular brands

Choosing a product from a popular manufacturer brand is another way to go. Popular manufacturers have a wide variety of products, which makes it easier to compare them when purchasing.

For example, brands such as L&L Skin is representative. Use reviews and other information to find a product that interests you.


You may be wondering, "Does size really matter? Some of you may be wondering, "Does size matter? If your grip is not right, your hands will get tired and it will be difficult to continue using the product. Furthermore, if you often travel or go on business trips, it is convenient to choose a product with a size that is easy to carry around. Think of the situation in which you will be using the product, and carefully determine what size is best for you.


Choose a product that has functionalities listed that match your skin concerns. For example, a facial roller type product that is designed to define the face lines is not the best choice for dry or rough skin.

If you want to improve your dry or rough skin, you need to choose a product that features ion-introduction, which allows the beauty ingredients to penetrate easily.
Review the problems you want to improve, and choose a facial device that has the right functions for your problems.

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